Selected Publications

lineage  John D. O’Brien, Xavier Didelot, Zamin Iqbal, Lucas Amenga-Etego, Bartu Ahiska, and Daniel Falush. 2014. A Bayesian approach to inferring the phylogenetic structure of communities from metagenomic data. Genetics. forthcoming.

manske  Magnus Manske et al. (lead statistician), 2012, Analysis of Plasmodium falciparum diversity in natural infections by deep sequencing, Nature. 487(7407), 375-379.

tsg Dwayne Chambers, Erica Flapan, and John O’Brien. 2011. Topological symmetry groups of $K_{4r+ 3}$. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems – Series S. 4(6), 1401-1411.

count John D O’Brien and Vladimir N. Minin and Marc A. Suchard, 2009. Learning to count: robust estimates for labeled distances between molecular sequences, Molecular Biology and Evolution. 26(4), 801-814.

treble John D. O’Brien and Zhen-Su She and Marc A. Suchard. 2008. Dating the time of viral subtype divergence. BMC evolutionary biology. 8(1). 172-177.

(Need link)  Zhu Yang* and John O’Brien*  and Xiaobin Zheng and Huai-Qiu Zhu and Zhen-Su She. 2007. Tree and rate estimation by local evaluation of heterochronous nucleotide data. Bioinformatics. 23(3), 169-176.

For a full list of my citations, see my Google Scholar citations:


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