Jack headshotHi! I’m Jack O’Brien and I’m currently an assistant professor of mathematics at Bowdoin College.  My research specialty is in statistical genetics and I am particularly interested in the problems that occur in metagenomic or multigenomic data. Moving from my native Maine, I received my undergraduate degree in mathematics at Pomona College under the supervision of Erica Flapan. I received my doctorate in Biomathematics at UCLA under the joint supervision of Marc Suchard and Zhen-Su She. While there I worked closely with Vladimir Minin and Alex Alekseyenko.  I did a post-doc in statistical genetics at the Statistics Department of the University of Bristol with Peter Green, Dan Lawson, Daniel Falush and Xavier Didelot. I then worked as a senior statistician at the Centre for Genomics and Global Health at the University of Oxford under Dominic Kwiatkowski, working closely with Zam Iqbal, Jason Wendler and Lucas Amenga-Etego.  Since arriving at Bowdoin, I have been working with Nick Record (among others) at Bigelow Laboratory to perform multi-scale metagenomic sampling of the Gulf of Maine.

Erica  |  Marc  |  Zhen-Su  |  Vlad  |  Alex  |  Peter  |  Daniel  |  Xavier  |  Dominic  |  Zam  |  Jason  |  Lucas 

A complete CV can be found here: cv_jobrien

Department of Mathematics
8600 College Station
Brunswick, Maine 04011  USA

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